Together Ahead ...

The Summer Gemel® is result of a passionate partnership. To drive regional development and strengthen SME structures. Through sustainable, quality-driven tourism. Our partners are  ALPN Design, the mountain cooperative Itramen and the Männlichen cableways Grindelwald and Wengen

The Backers ...

To underline our collective commitment, we've opened ourselves for a successful initial crowd-funding. For the production of the sleds here in Switzerland and the launch of our first track on Mount Männlichen. 

Here's then to a big thank you to all our investors, small and large. We're looking forward to realising the rewards now and to all your big smiles up here in the mountains.

Elite Backer
U. Binggeli – T. Doppelbauer – B. Grünig – L. Herbert – M. Lawless – P. Mischler
N. Lobeto – M. Rüthy – R. Schätzle –Treuhand Zwahlen AG – P. Waespi

Pro Backer
G. Bonina – D. Caluori – A.E & C. Caluori – C.H.L. Costa – M. Furrer
Gondelbahn Grindelwald Männlichen AG – D.A. Graven – Hotel Alpina AG – D. Moser
Familie M. – P. Naveau – D. Parrella – C. Todd – C. Wind – E. Zimmermann – W. Zweifel